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Mefo Sport Africa was appointed as distributors for Mefo Sport GmbH in sub-equator Africa in November 2014.


Mefo Sport Africa - About Us

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MEFO Sport Ltd. was founded by Willi and Hedwig Liebl. They built a reputation as importer, exporter and wholesaler for Barum motorcycle tires with the company situated at Weipoltshausen in Germany.


Due to expansion the company moved to Röthlein.


After the Berlin wall came down the company MEFO Sport Centrum was founded in the Czech Republic.


MEFO Sport starts their own brand MEFO Sport motorcycle tyres.


CEO Joachim Leibl takes over and restructures MEFO Sport. Joachim starts his motorcycle racing career at the age of 14 when he entered his first Moto-Cross Race. Through his participation in the sport, he realised the need for specialised products, and developed his own brand of off-road motorcycle tyres and mousse.


MEFO Sport motorcycle tyres takes a leap into the USA market and achieves mass recognition and popularity.


Founding of the subsidiary company MEFO Sport Polska in Poland.


After the Intermot International Motorcycle Show, exports are extended to Chile, Israel, USA, Spain, South Africa, Australia and Japan.


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